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Miley Cyrus recalled wig incident

Miley Cyrus

Initially wanting to go unnoticed by her fans by donning a wig, Miley Cyrus once had
bad experience with the fake hair. She shared the minor incident to British chat show, “This Morning,” recently.

“I had the idea (to go out in disguise) so I got a wig and it was really short, a tomboy cut,
and I decided to straighten it. I’m sitting down and all of a sudden I start smelling smoke.
I thought, ‘What is that?'” she recalled.
“The wig is literally catching on fire because I didn’t know it was a cheap wig.”

Miley then compared the wig with the one she dons on her hit TV series “Hannah Montana”,
in which she has to wear wig on-stage to conceal her true identity as school student Miley Stewart,
“I thought, ‘This isn’t going to work for me.’ So it doesn’t work in real life but it works on the show!”

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus
Beside experiencing the wig incident, Miley recently also told Tyra Banks that she had once worked
as a toilet cleaner when she was still 11.
“I worked at this place called Sparkles Cleaning Service and I cleaned houses,”
the Disney hottie revealed, adding that she “actually liked it.”

toilet sex

Miley Cyrus


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