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Nurse’s sex with patient

Nurse’s registration cancelled after sex with patient
sex doctor
New Zealand
Ian Marsh Mete was a nurse in the Auckland District Health Board acute
mental health unit from December 2003 to December 2006.

On June 30 2006, Ms B, a young woman with a history of using psychiatric services,
was admitted to the unit.
After being treated for self-harm she was released on July 5.
She was readmitted on July 17.

During her time in the unit Mr Mete was seen to take Ms B into a staff-only area
where he massaged her feet for over half an hour.
Following Ms B’s discharge on July 21 she stayed in contact with Mr Mete
via text message and the two met for coffee and walks on the beach.
Ms B stayed temporarily at Mr Mete’s house in early August 2006
and a sexual relationship began.

It continued for several months.
At a work party in August, Mr Mete told a colleague about the relationship.
The colleague reported it to their employer.
Mr Mete denied the relationship to his employer and resigned on December 16, 2006.

When he was first told of the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal investigation
he denied the relationship. He finally admitted to it in a letter to the tribunal on May 7 this year.

The tribunal said Mr Mete’s registration should be cancelled.
It said Ms B was “particularly vulnerable” and the relationship began only two weeks
after Mr Mete had cared for her.
The breach of standards was “very serious” and the tribunal imposed conditions
on Mr Mete should he try to re-register.

It said he should undergo psychiatric assessment and any treatment required,
should undertake a medical assessment in relation to drug and alcohol abuse
and take a postgraduate course focused on ethics and professional boundaries.

Mr Mete was ordered to pay $7500 in costs, but was not fined.

He told the tribunal he was sorry and “profoundly ashamed” of what he had done.
He said he had never done anything like it before, was depressed at the time
following the break-up of his marriage and the suicide of a patient
and had been using methamphetamine to cope.
He loved nursing and, with his drug use and depression under control,
hoped to return to the profession.


sex doctor


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