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The Other Bad Guy in the Britney Spears Case

Britney Spears
Since the ruling in the Britney Spears stalker case came down,
the public has gotten used to the mug of stalker-turned-conspirator Adnan Ghalib.
Now they are getting a look at the other guy in the case.

According to celebrity gossip site, a New Zealand man has filed suit against Sam Lufti,
accusing him of terrorizing him and spreading accusations about him.
sam lufti, britney spears
Sam Lufti, Britney Spears

Hugh Richards of Auckland has accused Lufti of posing as Spears,
spoofing her email and sending various cease and desist letters to him and his son, Stuart,
accusing them of harassing Spears and also alleging that Stuart had a mental disorder.

Richards also claims Lufti used the account to insult his appearance
and signed off one letter with the phrase “asshole hope you die.”

In one email, dated June 9 of last year, Lufti, as Spears, accuses Hugh’s son
of spreading rumors about Spears, saying that
“He [Stuart] has a way to hack, snoop, and lie to get info and he bombards
family members, friends and business associates with lies, fake emails,
harassing phone calls, etc.”

Lufti, who has been served with a restraining order by Spears along with Ghalib
and attorney Jon Eardley, accusing them of conspiring to steal from
and take advantage of Spears.

On Wednesday, Spear’s stylist, identified only by her last name “Romero,”
testified that Lufti texted her several times over Christmas 2008,
attempting to get her to relay messages to Spears.

Adnan Ghalib and Brintey Spears
Adnan Ghalib and Brintey Spears
In addition to the restraining order against the three men, Ghalib has been charged
with assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor assault after a incident
with a officer who served the restraining order on him.
If convicted, he faces seven years in prison.

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