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Penelope Cruz: audition was hardest

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz has revealed that the audition for Nine was the hardest one she’s ever done.

The Spanish beauty, who plays a burlesque dancer in the musical adaptation of a Federico Fellini film,
said she was new to the singing and dancing required for the role.

Asked what her hardest audition was, Penelope said:
“Probably the one for Nine, for the musical, because I had to do many
and because we had to sing and dance and things that I had not done before.”

She went on:
“But I loved the auditions actually, I knew there was no other way to get the movie
without going through that.”

On the auditioning process, she said:
“I am always happy to do them when they are necessary,”
adding with a smile: “And I am also happy when I don’t have to do them any more.”

Nine’s all-star cast also includes Dame Judi Dench, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Day-Lewis.

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