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Sherlock Holmes – Movie of the Month

Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes in 1887,
and the wily character and his trusty physician sidekick John Watson became legendary.
After four hugely popular novels, 56 short stories and scads of big- and small-screen incarnations,
the story sees director Guy Ritchie and star Robert Downey Jr. morph the brainy, complex Holmes
into a sword-wielding martial arts expert.

In Sherlock Holmes, Downey, Jude Law (as Watson) and Rachel McAdams (as a mysterious beauty)
are up to their necks in occult murders instigated by Lord Blackwood, played by Mark Strong.

Will the film please worldwide Holmes aficionados?
“The movie may be unlikely to satisfy Holmes purists, but if you can reinvent Shakespeare,
you can reinvent Arthur Conan Doyle,” says Strong.
“Audiences who want something different will enjoy it.”

Sherlock Holmes style

Fashion is taking its cue from the Victorian Age



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