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Flirtext Rules for Guys

Lots of girls say their biggest problem is your messages.
Here’s some of what they want from you.

Helpful Hints

If you really like a girl and see potential, after flirtexting her just enough to know she’s digging you,
call her to ask her out on a proper date. She’ll appreciate the old-school effort and you’ll score major points.

Turn your phone off if we’re sleeping over.
We don’t want to hear your phone buzzing at 2 A.M. with a text.
We know what it means, and it will ruin the mood for the rest of the night … and we know you don’t want that.

If you have an iPhone or any phone where text messages show up automatically on the front screen,
don’t leave it out for us to see. When a text pops up with a girl’s name, even if it’s your sister,
we’re going to assume it’s your other girlfriend.

If we’re not together anymore and it’s because you wanted to move on, don’t text us every so often just to say hello.

If we say we love a certain movie, text us a quote from it the next day when you are thinking about us.
It will score you major points!

Don’t give us your card and tell us to call you. Even if we like you, we won’t call.
Try asking us to text. We’re way more likely to do this if we like you than we are to call.

If we’re out on a date, don’t text someone in front of us. It’s tacky. But if you must, preface it by telling us
why you are being rude by texting at the dinner table.
(Really, the only worthy answer here is anything having to do with your mom or grandma.)

Do text us in the morning to let us know you’re thinking about us.
A “good morning” will start our day off on the right note. You will be thanked accordingly.


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