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Jeff Bridges – where you cant see the wheels turning

“Jeff’s such a detailed actor that the way he would move,
hold a liquor bottle, a glass, a smoke, a guitar – nothing was overlooked,”
says Scott Cooper, who makes his writing and directing debut with Crazy Heart.

“People in Hollywood get rewarded for overacting.
And Jeff does not do that. He never pushes the emotion.
He embodies naturalism. You could tell he was relaxed and at ease,
and dedicated to being alive and open to anything that might happen.”

Bridges has said Crazy Heart’s director-writer, Scott Cooper, told him to shape
his character as an imaginary fifth member of the Highwaymen,
along with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson
and Bridges’ longtime pal, Kris Kristofferson.
“The kind of acting that I admire is where you can’t see the wheels turning,”
says Bridges.
“People in real life don’t try to show their feelings – they show them inadvertently.
I remember having that feeling on films where you say, “God, I kicked the
ass out of that fuckin’ scene.”
You go look at dailies and you see, “Oh, shit, it’s just some guy up there
catharting all over the place.”
The emotions that you’re going to elicit from the audience
are not necessarily those you yourself are feeling.”


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