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Kim Kardashian Infidel!

Kim Kardashian caught cheating?

Apparently Kim Kardashian is unfaithful to her fiance, only a few days
after giving the news of his wedding.
Kim Kardashian found out about a new scandal that revolves around them,
In Touch Weekly magazine posted on its cover that the model has been unfaithful
to her lover and fiance.

The publication says he had a five-month secret affair with a man named Bret Lockett
parallel to the formal relationship she has with the NBA player, Kris Humphries.

Kim Kardashian said, annoyed that this story is completely false and sent a statement
saying that she knew that announcing his commitment unleash rumors and lies about her,
so she was not surprised that now say they have an affair a man who never met,
nor has ever spoken with him and so has sent text messages as the magazine said.

Kim Kardashian said that the man who invented it certainly wants to ruin their relationship
and should feel very ashamed for defaming that way.

The beautiful model and it said no one will come between Kris and her.
and stated that it seems pathetic that a magazine would say something a eXtranol reported
unconfirmed whether it was true before.
Kim Kardashian says something very wise, you should not believe everything you read,
the entertainment magazines are tabloid and say whatever it takes to obtain financial resources.
She will take legal action against In Touch magazine.
After the news of her engagement, then her possible pregnancy and now this alleged infidelity,
what’s next for Kim Kardashian?

Kim Kardashian



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